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This is an example of a contemporary home design in Sydney.
Photo of a contemporary home design in Sydney.

Decorating and choosing colour for your own space can be a little like not seeing the forest for the trees. Certain aspects can be hidden from your view simply because they have become part of the everyday scenery. This is where our eye for colour and style is your most valuable guide.


When you ask us for a Colour Consultation or Styling Session, our designer will scope your project from both a macro and micro perspective. Everything from:

  • Interior and exterior colour palettes for paint and hard and soft furnishings
  • Interior finishes such as wall colour, feature walls and window coverings
  • Those extra special details such as rugs, artwork, mirrors and lighting

We also offer an extensive styling service for events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate functions and parties. We take your concept, devise your mood board and work with you to create an ambience that is reflective of your theme.


Did someone say samples? We love samples and have an extensive selection available for your first consultation to help you forge your ideas. Then, we take this inspiration and source the ideal palettes and schemes for your project.


What do you feel when you hear the word “declutter”?

Chances are there is a mixture of trepidation, defeat and just plain old procrastination! The beauty of having our consultant work with you during the declutter phase of a project is that we help you with the plan, keep you focused and drive you towards your end goal of having a beautiful space.

We’re there with you all the way – even helping you make those tough decisions for precious items.


  1. First consultation – Listening is our first priority. We want to know how you envisage your space being transformed and what you’d like to get out of your space.
  2. Mood board, planning and concept – We take your ideas and mesh them together with our expertise to bring your concepts to visualisation.
  3. All systems go! – We then get to work on structural and architectural elements, shaping the foundation for your space.
  4. Final touches – Artwork, mirrors, cushions, mood lighting – Our perfectionist approach brings your final vision together in a cohesive, beautiful space.
  5. Enjoy your beautiful new surroundings.